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Providing solutions for a sustainable and comfortable indoor climate

Our mission is to transform your building to a sustainable part of society by making buildings heating, cooling and ventilation systems smarter using optimal control, thereby using less resources while at the same time providing a comfortable indoor climate.

History and mission

Builtwins BV

Builtwins provides services which ensure that your building HVAC operates as designed, in the smartest possible way. We build upon technology that we developed within the Thermal Systems Simulation research group of KU Leuven over a period of 10 years. For each building, we create a building digital twin - hence the name BuilTwins - and optimise its performance. This methodology has been demonstrated extensively within the EU Horizon 2020 hybridGEOTABS project, a KU Leuven-funded C3 project and a VLAIO-funded spin-off mandate. We were nominated for the EU Innovation Radar within the category disruptive technology.

However, Builtwins is more than just technology. Our aim is to seamlessly integrate buildings within their surroundings, by complementing well-design buildings with model predictive control and robust monitoring, analysis and reporting, while also considering the interests of all stakeholders. This causes buildings to become flexible prosumers, providing services to local energy networks, maximising self-consumption of the electricity produced by photovoltaic panels and thus becoming an asset instead of a burden.

01. Our Mission

Transforming the built environment to a sustainable part of society.

  • Reduce emissions
  • Improve comfort
  • Reduce costs

02. Our Approach

Make your building smart using physics based models and optimisation.

  • Detailed digital twin of your building based on as built files
  • Continuous optimisation using measurement data and feedback
  • In-house developed smart algorithms

03. Our Philosophy

We unlock the sustainability potential of today’s complex buildings by:

  • Letting an algorithm compute the best control actions,
  • Following up the building throughout its lifetime,
  • Reporting transparently about your assets.
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Meet the team!

Our Team

Dr. Damien Picard

CEO, co-founder

Dr. Filip Jorissen

CTO, co-founder