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Ter Potterie

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Square meters
10 000 m2
co2 savings
10.5 tons/year
Energy savings
20 %

This beautiful 10 000 m2 care home is situated in the heart of the medieval town of Bruges. Its sustainable HVAC system was designed by Boydens engineering, part of Sweco at the request of Mintus; a welfare organisation providing affordable care in the region of Bruges, BE. The building is heated and cooled using concrete core activation, assisted by small radiators in the bedrooms. The heat and cold are produced by two geothermal heat pumps connected to a field of 90 boreholes, each 75 meters deep. Gas boilers supply heat for the domestic hot water, the heating coils of the 14 air handling units and the radiators. Since 2019 and initially developed within the scope of the EU Horizon 2020 funded hybridGEOTABS project, together with project partner Boydens engineering, part of Sweco, our MPC optimises the control of the HVAC, saving on average 20 % of the energy used by the HVAC, while guaranteeing excellent comfort, 24/7.